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History of our Cattle

We established our Highland Stud in the 1980’s. We bought fullblood bulls, cows and calves from Stud Highlands imported from Scotland and also bought purebred Highlands and we graded up a large number of Highlands here on the farm. We are foundation breeders of Highlands in New Zealand. Our Highland numbers peaked at 700 head, making it the largest herd in NZ.

Unfortunately, horned cattle are a remnant of the past. Horns are dangerous and farmers, cattle handlers, and cattle truck drivers don’t want them and most freezing works won’t take them at all. With the numbers of Highlands we had, we were lucky to breed a rare variety of Polled Purebred & fullblood polled Highlands, both male and female that we kept and bred on from. I have developed many different bloodlines from these polled Highlands, both heterozygous and homozygous.

We named and registered the Trademark for them as TUFTY® cattle. TUFTY® cattle were bred from Highlands, one of the oldest, hardiest cattle breeds there is, with their great foraging ability and longevity.

Tufty® Cattle Stud

We are developing this very easy care, quiet, “hardy, hairy, happy” organic breed for top quality restaurant beef, colourful floor rugs or attractive friendly pets! This unique very rare breed are great looking, friendly, placid, easy calving, good mothers and quickly become part of the family. They suit organic farming with a very high natural immunity to parasites and disease.

From our point of view TUFTY® cattle are the best and easiest choice for marginal, rough country performing well anywhere in New Zealand. They are easily handled, solid, beefy stock. They have a long, thick, hairy coat. Colours can be black, brindle, dark brown, red, tan, yellow, dun, creamy and white with a full range of shades in-between. These colourful pelts are valuable as rugs. The beef seems to be lower in fat and cholesterol and higher in protein and iron. Chefs around NZ love the tasty, lean TUFTY® beef.

Hardy, Hairy, Happy, TUFTY® cattle look unique, curious, friendly & interesting out in the paddock. They can make great pets or top quality beef breeders that are easy to transport. If you have horned Highland cows use TUFTY® Bulls to poll your fold.

Availability and Transportation

We have a very limited number of purebred and fullblood horned Highlands for sale and are rapidly building up the numbers of our polled TUFTY® cattle each year. Calves, Heifers, mated Heifers & Cows, Bulls & Steers are available. TUFTY® calves are generally the most popular, so it’s best to book them in.

Transport is easily arranged to anywhere in New Zealand.

Pricing — Prices current as at May 2016. All prices exclude GST.

  Heifer Calves Heifers Heifer/Cow-mated Herd Bulls Lease a Tufty® Stud Bulls Steer Calves
TUFTY® $2,500 $3,500 $4,500 $3,000 $1,600 $6,000 $1,400

Package discounts available. Please let us know as early as possible if you wish to purchase some. We offer a discount for quantity. We can book you in for TUFTY® calves now with a 33% deposit, to guarantee you’ll get the calf or calves you want after weaning. We calve in the late winter, spring and early summer.

Calves, Heifers, mated Heifers & Cows, also Bulls and Steers are available. TUFTY® calves are generally the most popular.

Transport is easily arranged to anywhere in New Zealand, even Northland. We have exported a group of Stud Highlands to Japan.

Certified Organic TUFTY® Beef and rugs from steers also available.

Ring or email if you need more information or photos emailed to you of those currently ready for sale.