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Updated 09 Mar 2017

WILTSHIRE EWES FOR SALE: Hardy, low input, easy care meat sheep. No dagging, no shearing, no dip, drench or vaccine since 1989. Deliver all over NZ! Certified Organic, BioGro 215 since 1989. Wiltshire flock ewes for sale at $370+GST.

09/03/2017 - 15% DISCOUNT ON RAMS

Latest digital catalogue: organic-rams.co.nz/news/content/catalogue_12MAR2017.pdf

We just held our 25th holiday draw for those who bought rams in 2016. It was for 2 nights free accommodation at Turner Heights Townhouses, Queenstown. The manager of Turner Heights, drew the winning number which was Shire® Ram 462/14 purchased by Mark & Vicki Nicholson, Gore. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

We are having another raffle next year for Twotooth Rams bought in season from January 2017. If you don’t see a Ram catalogue by 28th January, let me know please. A small number of older rams and some Stud & flock ewes also available now. We are getting new enquiries for our no dag/shear organic rams & ewes all the time - so please book in your Rams now to ensure you retain your pick!

Also remember, we offer a 3% discount for each previous year you've bought Rams from us. Discount is capped at 30%. Give your best indication of what your Ram requirements (breed/number) might be. We just need a guide - this helps us immensely in sorting our numbers required for existing buyers, and working out how many new interested farmers we can book in after you. It also helps us plan our time more effectively during sales.

Thanks for your interest in our Organic Rams. Please fill out the form on this page and we'll get back to you soon.

Mangapiri Downs Organicstud Farm
c/- Tim and Helen Gow
Blackmount RD2,
Otautau, 9682
Southland, New Zealand

Phone: 03 225 5283
Email: tim@organic-rams.co.nz

Google Map of Blackmount, New Zealand

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    Organic Ewes
    Wiltshire Flock $370+GST
    Mated NZ Marsh Stud $450+GST
    Lincoln Stud $450+GST


    Remember: 3% discount for each previous years purchase (capped at 30%).

    Please note: orders will be confirmed by email.