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    Wiltshire flock rams $700. plus gst

    Wiltshire Rams Top flock type $1500. Plus gst

    Also a limited number** Shire® flock rams** $1500. Plus gst available now

    Top Shire® flock rams $2500. Plus gst

    Limited number of four tooth rams available please email


    or phone 03 225 5283. Available now


    Hardy, low input, easy care meat sheep. No dagging, no shearing, no dip, drench or vaccine since 1989. Deliver all over NZ! Certified Organic, BioGro 215 since 1989. Wiltshire flock ewes for sale at $290+GST.


    or phone 03 225 5283. Available now

    Also remember, we offer a 3% discount for each previous year you've bought Rams from us. Discount is capped at 30%. Give your best indication of what your Ram requirements (breed/number) might be. We just need a guide - this helps us immensely in sorting our numbers required for existing buyers, and working out how many new interested farmers we can book in after you. It also helps us plan our time more effectively during sales.

    Check out the raffle results and fill in our PDF form here: Ram Order Form (PDF download)

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