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  • Sabbatical Fallowing for Healthy Soil - Resting Pasture Boosts Productivity

    "Walking across Tim Gow’s pastures, the many benefits of sabbatical fallowing are clear. Underfoot is soft, like walking on a cushion; a deep mat of litter protects soil from climatic events and provides a bed and breakfast for many different life-forms. In fact, visiting scientists found insects they have yet to identify on his land. Sabbatical fallowing of pastures involves removing grazing livestock from one-seventh of a property for 12 months, usually from early spring to late winter, to improve soil fertility and function. Pasture grows and accumulates biomass without livestock present to feed soil with litter, exudates and sloughing root hairs. The Bible and other texts mention the practice, and it was common in the United Kingdom until World War II."

    Read the rest of the article here: Sabbatical-Fallowing-for-Healthy-Soil.pdf

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